Darbuka Rhythms

The first professional educating application for mobile devices, devoted to the Middle Eastern rhythms. A wonderful assistant for both professional percussionists and bellydancers, and the beginners.

Darbuka Rhythms:

- visual description of notes for visibility and easiness of understanding,
- 20 rhythms in 111 variations with the detailed description of each rhythm and instrument

- rhythm designer for creation of your own rhythms and variations for different instruments
- rhythm player with possibility of playback speed management and combination of the instruments sounds
- video lessons from famous dancers and percussionists
- creation of compositions of various rhythms and their variations with the set beat and number of bars
- training of skills related to rhythms identification by ear. 2 modes, 3 difficulty levels and 160 tasks
- possibility to take on the role of a percussionist and play the drums

The author of the application is Artem Uzunov.

Download application:

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If you have any questions: app@artemuzunov.com

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